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April 2014

9 articles in this issue.

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30 accepted manuscripts are published in advance of the printed issues. Updated on 31 March 2014.

2011 Impact Factor:

Impact Factor: 1.831
5-year Impact Factor: 2.38

The AAPG Bulletin is a technical journal that is recognized in the industry as the leading peer-reviewed publication for information on geoscience and the associated technology of the energy industry. The AAPG Bulletin is received monthly online or in print by all members.

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About the AAPG Bulletin

First published in 1917 as the Bulletin of the Southwestern Association of Petroleum Geologists--AAPG’s predecessor organization--in order to disseminate scientific material from annual meetings of the S.A.P.G., the AAPG Bulletin changed its name one year later when S.A.P.G. became AAPG.

The AAPG Bulletin has been delivering quality research to the scientific world ever since. The first issue contained papers written by the best-known geologists of the day, and included papers on such topics as South America, Europe, and general geologic problems of structure and sedimentation.

While the 21st-century AAPG Bulletin has undergone some changes since 1917, enlarging to 8 ½ x 11” size to incorporate more material and being published digitally as well as in print, it continues to adhere to the primary purpose of the organization, which is to advance the science of geology especially as it relates to petroleum, natural gas, other subsurface fluids, and mineral resources.

Delivered digitally or in print monthly to each AAPG Member as a part of membership dues, the AAPG Bulletin is one of the most respected, peer-reviewed technical journals in existence, with recent issues containing papers focused on such topics as the Middle East, channel detection, China, permeability, subseismic fault prediction, the U.S., and Africa.

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