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Notable Papers 2006

The list below represents 10 papers that have been judged notable contributions by the Bulletin Editorial Board based in part on high levels of citation based on a minimum of three years of citation reports.


Structurally controlled hydrothermal dolomite reservoir facies: An overview

v. 90 Issue: 11 Pages: 1641-1690 DOI: 10.1306/05220605164

A scale-independent approach to fracture intensity and average spacing measurement

v. 90 Issue: 2 Pages: 193-208 DOI: 10.1306/08250505059

Mass-transport complexes and associated processes in the offshore area of Trinidad and Venezuela

v. 90 Issue: 7 Pages: 1059-1088 DOI: 10.1306/02210605052

The controls on the composition of biodegraded oils in the deep subsurface: Part II - Geological controls on subsurface biodegradation fluxes and constraints on reservoir-fluid property prediction

v. 90 Issue: 6 Pages: 921-938 DOI: 10.1306/01270605130

Advance of allochthonous salt sheets in passive margins and orogens

v. 90 Issue: 10 Pages: 1535-1564 DOI: 10.1306/05080605143

Burial dolomitization and dissolution of Upper Jurassic Abenaki platform carbonates, Deep Panuke reservoir, Nova Scotia, Canada

v. 90 Issue: 11 Pages: 1843-1861 DOI: 10.1306/03200605074

Origin and reservoir characteristics of Upper Ordovician Trenton-Black River hydrothermal dolomite reservoirs in New York

v. 90 Issue: 11 Pages: 1691-1718 DOI: 10.1306/04260605078

Structure and emplacement of mud volcano systems in the South Caspian Basin

v. 90 Issue: 5 Pages: 771-786 DOI: 10.1306/11220505045

Regional geologic and tectonic setting of the Maracaibo supergiant basin, western Venezuela

v. 90 Issue: 4 Pages: 445-477 DOI: 10.1306/10110505031

Chronologic modeling of faulted and fractured reservoirs using geomechanically based restoration: Technique and industry applications

v. 90 Issue: 8 Pages: 1201-1226 DOI: 10.1306/02240605116

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