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Notable Papers 2007

The list below represents 10 papers that have been judged notable contributions by the Bulletin Editorial Board based in part on high levels of citation based on a minimum of three years of citation reports.


Unconventional shale-gas systems: The Mississippian Barnett Shale of north-central Texas as one model for thermogenic shale-gas assessment

v. 91 Issue: 4 Pages: 475-499 DOI: 10.1306/12190606068

Barnett Shale gas production, Fort Worth Basin: Issues and discussion

v. 91 Issue: 4 Pages: 523-533 DOI: 10.1306/06190606018

Seal bypass systems

v. 91 Issue: 8 Pages: 1141-1166 DOI: 10.1306/04090705181

The Puguang gas field: New giant discovery in the mature Sichuan Basin, southwest China

v. 91 Issue: 5 Pages: 627-643 DOI: 10.1306/11030606062

Mississippian Barnett Shale: Lithofacies and depositional setting of a deep-water shale-gas succession in the Fort Worth Basin, Texas

v. 91 Issue: 4 Pages: 579-601 DOI: 10.1306/11020606059

Geologic framework of the Mississippian Barnett Shale, Barnett-Paleozoic total petroleum system, bend arch-Fort Worth Basin, Texas

v. 91 Issue: 4 Pages: 405-436 DOI: 10.1306/10300606008

Processes controlling porosity and permeability in volcanic reservoirs from the Austral and Neuquen basins, Argentina

v. 91 Issue: 1 Pages: 115-129 DOI: 10.1306/08290605173

Seismic geomorphology, lithology, and evolution of the late Pleistocene Mars-Ursa turbidite region, Mississippi Canyon area, northern Gulf of Mexico

v. 91 Issue: 2 Pages: 215-234 DOI: 10.1306/08290605190

Natural fractures in the Barnett Shale and their importance for hydraulic fracture treatments

v. 91 Issue: 4 Pages: 603-622 DOI: 10.1306/11010606061

Oil and gas geochemistry and petroleum systems of the Fort Worth Basin

v. 91 Issue: 4 Pages: 445-473 DOI: 10.1306/11030606014

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