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Notable Papers 2009

The list below represents 10 papers that have been judged notable contributions by the Bulletin Editorial Board based in part on high levels of citation based on a minimum of three years of citation reports.


Natural fracture characterization in tight gas sandstones: Integrating mechanics and diagenesis

v. 93 Issue: 11 Pages: 1535-1549 DOI: 10.1306/08110909100

Charging of the Neogene Penglai 19-3 field, Bohai Bay Basin, China: Oil accumulation in a young trap in an active fault zone

v. 93 Issue: 2 Pages: 155-179 DOI: 10.1306/09080808092

Pore-throat sizes in sandstones, tight sandstones, and shales

v. 93 Issue: 3 Pages: 329-340 DOI: 10.1306/10240808059

Mechanical and fracture stratigraphy

v. 93 Issue: 11 Pages: 1413-1426 DOI: 10.1306/07270909094

Structural and diagenetic control of fluid migration and cementation along the Moab fault, Utah

v. 93 Issue: 5 Pages: 653-681 DOI: 10.1306/02180908080

Three-dimensional seismic geomorphology of a deep-water slope-channel system: The Sequoia field, offshore west Nile Delta, Egypt

v. 93 Issue: 8 Pages: 1063-1086 DOI: 10.1306/05040908101

Porosity-preserving chlorite cements in shallow-marine volcaniclastic sandstones: Evidence from Cretaceous sandstones of the Sawan gas field, Pakistan

v. 93 Issue: 5 Pages: 595-615 DOI: 10.1306/01300908096

Geochemistry, origin, and deep-water exploration potential of natural gases in the Pearl River Mouth and Qiongdongnan basins, South China Sea

v. 93 Issue: 6 Pages: 741-761 DOI: 10.1306/02170908099

Mechanisms for oil depletion and enrichment on the Shijiutuo uplift, Bohai Bay Basin, China

v. 93 Issue: 8 Pages: 1015-1037 DOI: 10.1306/04140908156

Sequence stratigraphy of experimental strata under known conditions of differential subsidence and variable base level

v. 93 Issue: 4 Pages: 503-533 DOI: 10.1306/12110808057

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